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BALANCE: things to do in your day to day to stay balanced

I have been extremely busy lately. Between planning and working on things for the Stargaze Art Show coming up next month, holding space for my Reiki business, working on outside projects and working my 9 to 5, it sure can be easy to lose sight of balance, but I haven’t.

Through my life and my energy work, I’ve found that even if everything is positive and exciting, balance is still sooooo necessary. I feel like we so often associate balance with working through the bad with the good, but it can also be associated with just good, or just anything!

A work/life balance, a relationship/self-care balance, an earthling/spirituality balance... when we get too immersed with one and don’t hold space for the other, we can spiral into oblivion then have to make such an effort to get back on our two feet.

I try my best to keep balanced and grounded with whatever I’m doing by getting into the flow of a few daily principles...

Every day should have:

  • Productivity

  • Self-acknowledgement

  • Gratitude

  • Rest

PRODUCTIVITY It’s important to feel productive, because when we do we feel like we have something to offer. If we go too long without feeling productive, we can kind of go in a hole that’s hard to get out of, and lose a sense of our self-worth. Productivity looks different for everyone so it’s important to know what it looks like for you and to embrace that in your day to day.

SELF-ACKNOWLEDGEMENT When we’re productive, we can take pride in that. If it was a good day, bad day, eh day, doesn’t matter! We should acknowledge that we contributed something, our wins for the day, and our accomplishments. I don’t think we grow out of needing a good pat on the back when we do something good, and we should honor ourselves with that every day to keep us going!

GRATITUDE Take a moment of gratitude. Gratitude for what you’ve accomplished, that you were able to accomplish it in the first place, and for the tools and basic things we often take for granted that made our productivity possible. For example, if it’s a 9-5 be grateful that you have a job. If it’s self-created project, be grateful that you have a space to do it in. Whatever it may be.

REST! REST! REST! This can be the hardest one for a lot of us, remembering that we must stop and must rest. It’s important to have a reasonable come down time and not just right before you go to sleep. Take in the day, then release it with some TV, a book, a glass of wine… whatever floats your boat!

When we embrace all of these things every day, it keeps us balanced through all of the things, even if all of the things is A LOT of things. We definitely need some veg out days too, where a full day is for fun or rest so I’m not saying you have to feel productive every day of your life… but let’s say 5 days a week/most day. Going through these daily motions keep me balanced AF and you want you to benefit from that too!

I’m always up for learning new strategies to keep life grounded. Do you have something awesome you do to keep yourself balanced? Let me know!

Stay balanced, my friends. ;)

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