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Digital Offerings

- Wix Website Design

- Social Media Posting

- Newsletters

- Flyers & Business Cards

- Speaker Sheets

& More

What I offer...

I offer business support in multiple areas and have been assisting business owners with creating websites, social media posting, press kits, speaker sheets, newsletters, flyers, and more. What you need is determined by your business, and what I can assist with is not limited to the services mentioned here. 

I believe in being creative and heartfelt, lifting each other up for success, and embracing YOUR voice for the missions of your business. Due to this, I want to make sure you and I are a great fit with aligned visions of what you are offering before our working journey together begins.

Your business is a reflection of your story, your passions and your drive to offer something to your community and the world. Throughout all of my services, it is my mission to have that showcased in every detail, so that your personality and love shines while being clear about what you're offering.

Wix Website Design

I am only assisting with Wix websites at this time.

Do you want a website that's clear and easy to navigate, but also encompasses the vibe of you and your business?


Do you have a website but it's just so overwhelming you don't even know where to start?


Did you set up your website and included ALL of the things and now you're just lost in all of the information?


I can help! 

Basic Website

 $250 - 350

Website with up to 5 pages. What the pages are is determined by your business type, but for example:

1. Home Page

2. About Me page

3. Informational page about products or services

4. Gallery page

5. Contact page

Website with Booking Services

$350 - $450

Website with up to 5 pages and up to 3 services with integrated online booking. This includes descriptions for each service, a cancellation and refund policy, and anything else your customers need to know for your services. If you have more than 3 service offerings, cost may be subject to increase.

Website with Online Shop

$400 - $600

Up to 5 basic website pages not including shop pages and online shop set up. This includes each product page, having an integrated cancellation and refund policy, and anything else your customers need to know about your products. If surpassing 30 available products, cost may be subject to increase.

Social Media Posting

Social Media posting has become a key component to sharing what your offer, messaging, and who you are as a person and business. I offer a unique and personalized approach to creating posts that are heartfelt and will resonate with your audience. 

Flyers & Business Cards

Have an event coming up? Want a catchy and vibe-matching flyer to let the people know about your business? I can help. I have created flyer and business card designs with business information, services, and events that will stand out to showcase WHO your business is!


I believe newsletters should feel like a human wrote them, sharing offerings from the heart while also getting people excited about what you're doing. This includes showcasing products and services, as well as messaging that people on your email list will feel connected to. 

Speaker Sheets

If you're someone who offers lectures, speeches, or is looking to speak in front of a crowd about what you do, a solid speaker sheet is a way to get in the door. We are in a time where people are less attentive, so it's important to grab people with key points and brief back story for why you are someone people should have the opportunity to listen to.


Social Media Posts

Post Prompt Interview - $60-100

2 posts a week - $20/week
3 posts a week - $30/week
5 posts a week - $45/week

Newsletters - $60 per newsletter

Flyers & Business Card Design - $60 - $100

Speaker Sheets - $70

Need something else?
Please reach out to me for more details on processes or special requests.

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