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I’m Here for You

"I don't like being touched, does reiki have to be hands-on?"

Many people prefer hands-on sessions since we often associate touch with feeling care and support. This can very much contribute to the healing experience. However, you do not have to be touched to receive reiki.

If you aren't comfortable being touched, hands are hovered above the body's energy centers rather than being placed on the body.

If you are comfortable being touched but can't be touched in certain areas due to injury or medical reasons, that is absolutely fine! We will go over all of your comfort needs before we start the healing work.

Hands-on reiki is not performed anywhere along the "bikini line," on the chest or private areas. If you need healing in those areas, hands will be hovered above them. Although a massage table is frequently used, reiki is not a massage and you are fully clothed during the session.

"What will I feel during a reiki session?"

As with every form of healing, everyone experiences sessions differently. 

During our session, you will be sitting or laying down with your eyes closed absorbing the reiki energy. 

It is common that people feel warmth, tingly sensations, or mild throbbing where the energy is being sent. Some see colors or have mental realizations, some take in the energy just feeling overall relaxed and comforted, some even fall asleep!

You can expect to experience any of the above, however it's really determined by how you heal, and how you process the energy.

"I am looking for a replacement healing method for my therapist or doctor, is reiki a good option?"

Reiki is not a replacement for medical or psychological care, it's a modality that can accompany and assist those treatments. 

Reiki practitioners are not qualified to diagnose any illnesses or disorders. If you are suffering from something that a medical professional specializes in, it's imperative that you seek out that help.

It's common for people to have realizations or epiphanies once receiving reiki. Your healing is part of your journey, and it is your responsibility to do what is needed for your mind and body.

Still have questions? 

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