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5" x 5" acrylic on canvas


For whatever reason, neutral colors bring tribal feels to me. I feel that ever since I could remember, i've been trying to fit in, or connect, or feel into my surroundings... and for so long that just didn't click. It wasn't until I reached a point in life that I decided to accept that I am unique and different that I really discovered who I was. Then, once I took those steps, I was welcomed into a space of like minded people where I really felt I belonged, because I put myself there. Feeling seen and supported is so important, but you can't do so until you actually walk through the world that way. Of course now it seems simple, but that discovery really brought me so much happiness and confidence, the same as what I walk through life with today. Trust your journey, then create your own path. 

Find Your Tribe Painting

  • 5" x 5" acrylic on canvas

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