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Welcome to Stargazer Reiki!



Hello fellow Stargazer! My name is Ingrid and I will help open your eyes to your best self.

Practicing Reiki for over 5 years, I’ve seen the beautiful transformations of what it can do for people who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression... and to me... that all breaks down into improving our self-worth.

Learning ourselves is a never-ending journey. Our energy is always changing and we need to continue to grow. Who wants to walk through life with stunted growth? That’s not helpful AT ALL, it just leads to repeating old patterns that don't serve us. When we have ourselves and our judgement to rely on, the possibilities are endless.


We have to choose that we deserve to be happy, deserve to heal, 

If you are looking to heal in a no judgement zone where fun meets compassion, I'm here. Let’s open the door to the real and unstoppable you! YOU DESERVE IT!



"I was a bit skeptical but I’m glad I had an open mind and knew I could trust Ingrid. Since my Reiki session, I feel so present in my day to day life. It’s crazy how much happier I have felt, feeling that I can slow down and be in the present, even just while doing chores! After my healing with Ingrid we discussed things I’d like to work on and I had some positive realizations. I feel at ease because I now feel confident doing what is needed to move forward. I am glad that I know Reiki is available to me and look forward to more sessions in the future. Thank you Ingrid!"

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki (ray-key) translates to “universal life force,” so in other words, energy that lives in every living thing. It’s known as an ancient practice crossing through many cultures, however a common form of Reiki that we see today is “Usui Reiki,” starting In Japan about 100 years ago.


Reiki is a holistic healing method that can be used for improving physical, mental, and spiritual health. It has become more and more integrated in the modern world for all the above, including in hospitals worldwide and medical centers such as NYU, Yale, and Stamford. As a certified Reiki master, I have learned how to focus Reiki energy for your specific needs.


Studies have shown that those who had Reiki administered in addition to their mental or physical treatment healed faster than those who did not. It has shown many benefits such as:


Stress reduction and improving relaxation

Improving mood and self confidence

Inflammation Reduction

Lowered Blood Pressure

Reduces depression and anxiety

Pain and tension relief in the body

Enhanced clear thinking and focus

Spiritual growth

& more

Everyone's journey is different, which makes everyone's healing journey different, so what Reiki can benefit is dictated by your story and what you need. 


Upcoming Events


The Art of Healing

Give your home some happy healing with hand painted Reiki-infused items!

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