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The process can feel like A LOT at times but in my experience the “more” things feel like the larger the transformation is.


I’ve experienced a lot of negativity through life, as well all have. I’ve been made to feel small from myself or others, have dealt with behaviors that kept me held down, and felt alone through a lot of tough times. But, it’s all a process.


When we acknowledge what we don’t like in life, we then have the power to change it and through that transformation comes vulnerability, grief and acceptance. It’s important to remember that things we go through are lessons that we can learn about life and who we deeply are, and that’s a beautiful thing.


You are your own power in life, and the processes we go through are just representations of that within our human experience.

"Trust the Process" Glossy Sticker



  • 3" x 3" glossy sticker

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