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Your healing is as special as you are...

I offer sessions out in nature, and in the comfort of your own home.


With healing, you can have growing pains, and I aim to make your experience as nurturing as possible. ​In a Reiki Comfort session, you have the ability to stay in the place you call yours. Especially when experiencing tough times, it can be hard to get up and out of the house, and that's when you need healing most.​


With Nature Immersion Reiki, you feel grounded and present through what nature provides. You're also able to return to the place we have our sessions, whenever you need or feel called to. Just like going back to that favorite candy store you went to as a kid, or that place where you and your significant other had your first kiss, returning to our session space can bring back the feeling of unconditional healing, and a space personal for you.

Choose Your Experience

Everyone is beautifully unique and heals differently, so your experience is yours to choose. 


Reiki Comfort

Sometimes allowing yourself to receive and feel vulnerable feels safest in your own home, which is why I offer at home sessions. 

If you’re a homebody who finds ultimate comfort in a place you call your own, this type of session is a perfect way to embrace a nurturing healing experience. 

Reiki Comfort sessions are available in Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, Windsor, Rohnert Park & Petaluma. If outside service area additional travel costs may apply. 

Nature Immersion Reiki

Reiki outdoors provides a connecting and present experience. Since Reiki and nature both provide natural healing, it is a perfect pairing to create a beautiful and grounding space.  


Nature Immersion Reiki is available at Spring Lake Park & Franklin Park. 

**Nature Immersion sessions determined by season**

Forest Trees

Available Offerings


Supernova - $70

Su-per-no-va: a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness

In this 60-min Nature Immersion Reiki or Reiki Comfort session, you have the full bodied experience of energy healing.

We will discuss your specific healing needs and have focus on those areas, as well as each energy point of the body. 

If you are looking to experience your reiki to the fullest with a full length session, this one is all you!

cosmos package_edited_edited.jpg

Dive into the Cosmos Package - $189

Cos-mos: the universe seen as a well-ordered whole

Growth is a process, and the first step is the decision to put your healing first.

It's easier to keep your healing journey a priority when you've already mentally scheduled yourself to do so.

In the Cosmos Package you are committing to three Nature Immersion and/or Reiki Comfort 60-minute sessions.

Want to embrace your self care for longer than just right now? Or maybe you just like some good savings? Either way, the Cosmos are here for YOU!

protostar real.jpg

Protostar: 30 min session - $44

Pro-to Star: gas which represents an early stage in the formation of a star

In this 30 minute session we will briefly focus on healing each energy center of the body or focus on a specific healing intention that you wish to gain from the session. 

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