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Being "Good Enough": Three things to keep in mind to walk through life as your best self.

Feeling good enough, worthy enough, and confident enough to disarm the power of overthinking and self doubt.

worthy and confident
Being good enough

I’ve posted a couple of prompts on my Facebook lately, then had a few Reiki sessions last week that led to the similar theme of being good enough, being worthy enough and being confident enough while walking through life.

Energy is fluid. It’s always morphing as we continue to transform. So with this, how we look at “good enough” changes over time depending on where we’re at and what we are focusing on. The key to staying on the right track is being able to genuinely agree with these statements:

  1. I do everything in my life with good intention

  2. I do everything that I can to walk through the world as my genuine self

  3. I express myself through healthy ways

#1 - I do everything in my life with good intention.

Many of us have had those little moments like a woman at the grocery store making that snarky comment that makes you either feel like “How dare her! I want to get back at that *****!” or just overthink and question “I was just there, but did I do something wrong? Do I need to change? I must have done something wrong.”

Or you’ve had that job you have where your boss doesn’t acknowledge a single good thing you do but points out every mistake you make where you think “I give so much time out of my life to this place, and I’m just made to feel like nothing for it!”

Both scenarios likely have nothing to do with anything you did, but somehow we can automatically go inward and assess how imperfect we are. BUT, when we go through life doing everything with good intention, we can alleviate at least half of those inner conflict questions or re-actions, while keeping it human in the process. This means not saying anything internally or externally that represent spite, name-calling, or anything that would hurt someone.

I’m not saying to go become a monk or have no feelings, no frustration, and be perfect all of the time, I’d be quite a hypocrite if I was! We are human and that’s beautiful, but making a point to stay genuine with all good intentions gives us confidence and can disprove inner wrongful doubts of ourselves in everyday life.

#2 - I do everything that I can to walk through the world as my genuine self.

This is a big one, because it comes into play with soooo many things. So many inner conflicts like not feeling good enough is due to not being our full selves. When we don’t embrace who we are, well, we’re starting doubtful off the bat. We are always thinking, “Should I say how I feel?” “Do people actually like me or does everyone hate me?” or “Do I even matter?”

When not embracing our genuine identity, things build up, which just leads us to doing things out of mal intent. We can almost feel entitled due to this, and with the day-to-day stress on top of it, it’s just way too heavy. Then when it comes out you may just say “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I DO EVERY SINGLE DAY JUST TO GET BY! AGREEING WITH THINGS I HATE! YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL SO YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY CARE!” Dramatic, I know, however the feelings can get that strong. Rather than that way of thinking, it’s important to realize that by not being who you are is not allowing yourself to receive true love and recognition, it’s a double edged sword.

It's not easy to start the journey to change this, nothing I’m saying here is a snap of a finger thing that can just be “fixed” overnight, but it’s never too late to look yourself in the mirror and acknowledge who you are, taking baby steps towards to really embrace it. They can be the smallest things that feel like the largest things… like wearing that crazy shirt you have and love but are scared of judgement, or singing at the top of your lungs in the car next to a friend that’s never seen that side of you. It’ll look different to everyone, but I feel that if this resonates with you something may have popped in your head already. It’s surprising how many little things we do that are actually part of hiding ourselves that we don’t even realize, and it’s just about replacing those things with ones that serve who you are.

#3 - I express myself through healthy ways.

Self-expression is something that is so crucial to how we heal and how we experience life, but is also something that seems to increasingly get left on the backburner the older we get. There’s so many ways that we express ourselves, through communication with others, hobbies we resonate with, or just how we walk and dress. How we express ourselves is our release of identity into the world and gets us to have deeper connections with others.

When we don’t express ourselves, we don’t have that energetic release that we all need to keep going. Then, we replace expression with negative things that don’t serve us, but just occupy our time. This can give the illusion that we’re being productive and being ourselves, since we’re not bored and are “doing something”, but it just creates a fictional story of who we are because we’ve given up on tapping in. We need to look at, embrace, and release our emotions to prevent burnout and overwhelm (to say the least), and that comes from healthy outlets that represent who you are. If you don’t know what that is, well, try something you don’t know but have always thought about, or just get that first adult coloring book you see! Whatever it is, let it be something to get out your emotions, negative AND positive.

Sounds simple, right?

These tips aren't a complicated concept, but it sure is easier said than done putting the mindset into our everyday lives. My mission within my Reiki practice is to encourage people to be their best selves, and putting these key things into practice along with aligning your energy to match are great steps to do that. I'd love to know what you think of these tips, and if there's any you think are especially helpful to you! Feel free to comment, email me or DM me on facebook.

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