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Thanksgiving. A Moment for Gratitude.

I’ve mentioned throughout the month that I see November as gratitude month, and that’s in honor of Thanksgiving. I see November as a month to go slow, to absorb and embrace, to connect with the changing of nature and ourselves by being in the present. It’s a time to “feel slow,” even if we’re busy, just trying to feel each moment of it all.


Now, we have Thanksgiving in a couple of days, and things start to speed up again. We can feel some pressure or anxiety from the hustle and bustle of grocery shopping, seeing family (maybe some we don’t want to see), and slave over the kitchen stove. BUT, we can still embrace the same vibes as the rest of the month by staying in the present.


No matter what your Thanksgiving plans are, remember there’s something to be thankful for. For every person, there is always something that we have that is a blessing. Be grateful for your growth. Be grateful for your loved ones (even if they drive you crazy). Be grateful for life itself.


Gratitude is the key to staying balanced and remembering there’s always positivity somewhere within your life. Each experience is a gift, and it’s your choice as to how you unwrap.


I’m grateful for all of you. I’m grateful that my words and messages have resonated with many of you, and that you are here in my healing container of Stargazer Reiki. I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you take every opportunity to embrace the gratitude that can live within all of us.

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