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Why YOU Need Reiki: a simple explanation of why we need energy healing.

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Every time we have an experience that changes us, even a little bit, there’s an energy that’s attached to it that lives within us forever.

Everything is energy. Our physical body, our thoughts, our emotions, EVERYTHING! So, when we experience things throughout our lives, the energies of that remains stored within us if we don’t heal them and remove our attachment to them.

Think about it. Each time we feel something on a deep(ish) level, we feel that somewhere in our body. When we love, we get the butterflies. When we’re stressed, we get tense up and need a massage. When we're sad, we cry. That feeling in our gut when something's just not right... Our emotions live within us just like our organs do, and just like if you had an infection in your body, we need to deal with it in order to keep going with clarity and strength.

In order to live as our best selves, we need to be our current selves without the past, without the baggage, without these little energy bubbles in our body storing things that don’t serve us today. Without that, well, we are limiting how much we can grow.

Have you ever made a little decision and all of a sudden everything works out? Where you’re like damn, I just changed this one thing and all of a sudden good people are showing up in my life, opportunities are popping up all over the place, it just feels like a miracle! Well, we can look at it as a miracle but really, it’s just you putting out a certain energy by that decision, which attracts more things that match that into your life.

The same works as reversed. If you’re stuck, hold on to certain things, or are just overall not healing from something, you’re not going to level up to the person you need to be to advance to your next chapters. Just like if we ignore a sickness or injury in our physical body, and simply carry on as business as usual, we won't be able to bounce back to be the most capable that we can be. Even if we’re not conscious of it, our energy dictates our path.

That’s why Reiki is so important. Because with it, we come to understand the energy we hold within ourselves and heal it. It’s all a process, just like all the processes you already know and do, but for the deepest parts of yourself.

If you want to be your best self, or even just want to take another step in your life in ANY way, you need to be clear and healed to do so. You’ve read up until this point for a reason. Let's see how Reiki transforms YOU into your best self.

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